Individual lash extensions
PLEASE NOTE, you MUST be able to lay flat on your back , and still, for up to 2 hours.If you can not do this , this treatment may NOT be suitable for you!
  FULL SET                            £70
  REMOVAL                                 £15
Please note I will only remove lashes put on by myself.
I have put together some common Q&A`s for you.
Q. How long will my lashes last?
 A.Eyelashes follow a growth cycle of between 3 and 6 weeks, and when your natural eyelash falls out, the extension falls out with it.
 Q. Are lash extensions suitable for everyone?
 A. If you answer yes to any of the following then lash extensions are not suitable for you:-
Do you have an eye infection?
Do you have any cuts bruises or abrasions around the eye area?
Do you have a stye?
Do you have weak lashes or alot of missing lashes?
Have you had a reaction to your patch test?
Do you have claustrophobia?
Do you have dry eye syndrome?
Q. How long does it take?
A. It depends on how many lashes there are to work with but allow 2.5 hours for a full set and 1.5 hours for a half set , and an hour for infills.
Q. What are infills, and when should I have them?
A. After 3 weeks some of your lashes will have fallen out and you will get a patchy effect. To keep your lashes looking in top shape you need to have infills. If you choose to leave it longer than 3 weeks you may have to have a half set done and will be charged accordingly.
Q. What should I do before my treatment?
A. you will have to have a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to any of the products used.
Please come to the patch test with no eye make up on.
                                                After care


Do not go swimming or use a sauna / steam room for 48 hours after treatment.

Be very gentle with your lashes.
DO NOT touch your lashes or get them wet for the next 24 hours to allow time for the adhesive to completely dry.
Only brush the lashes very gently upwards with your lash brush which you will be given at your appointment.
Avoid having a hot bath or shower in the first 24 hours.
Do not rub you lashes.
Do not use any oil based make up remover and when removing eye make up use a cotton wool bud near to the lash line to prevent damaging the glue bond.